Epic Teens is a power punched system developed especially for teens to take the guesswork out of Uncertainty and other social Kryptonites that creep in unsuspectingly and gell into an overwhelming Cryptic mess!

Slay Life With Super Skill
The Epic Teens Quest

Unravel and tame the marveling uneasiness of everyday issues that emerge, and to provide the life skills necessary for you to neutralize life altering villains before they have a chance to settle and wreak havoc with toxic effects.

Our Epic Teens promise…

To show you exactly how to take the guesswork out of Uncertainty and other Social Kryptonite’s that affect your life on an ongoing, everyday basis.

We will eliminate indecision and toxic elements, focus on important building blocks, and create a clear path in designing your Epic Life.

To show you how to make better choices, develop stronger relationships, and pinpoint necessary steps helping you to maintain a highly Super Skilled, Epic life.

The 8 Anchors

The 8 Anchors come from the first teen book I published and were constructed for teens to rely on for support, stability, and security – providing answers for uncertainty and showing strategies to conquer the personal & social kryptonites teens deal with on a regular basis.

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